This is the new home for DSDPlusUI, A Graphical User Interface created for DSD+, Keep scrolling for more information.

Fastlane Release

The DSD+ Fastlane Control Panel.

Frontend Monitoring 2m

The Frontend Window.

Public Release

The DSD+ Public Control Panel.

Frontend Monitoring 70cm

The Frontend Window.


What is DSDPlusUI?

DSDPlusUI is a free, feature packed Graphical User Interface created by Annunaki - M6UFR, This program was created to increase the User Experience of DSD+ Public and Fastlane releases by way of a "clickable" GUI and is supported on x86/64 desktop and tablet platforms.

I hope you find this great Program useful, If you do please consider donating (not required but nice :D) to show your support to the project!

Note: DSDPlusUI is NOT affiliated with DSD+ in any way, This project is solely created by Annunaki - M6UFR for use with DSD+ and the associated bundled programs (FMPx, LRRP and Survey etc). If you like DSD+ and are not yet on the Fastlane release then I recommend that you support the developers and purchase the Fastlane release you will not regret it!

While the Public release of DSD+ is good still it is very old and extremely outdated and there have been many many improvements and features added to the Fastlane release, It costs just $10 for a years worth of updates or $25 for lifetime updates which is an absolute bargain!. So go on show your support to the developers and get on the Fastlane.

Details on how to get on the Fastlane are contained within the DSDPlus.txt file right at the bottom of the document.

DSD+ can be used with most popular receivers (Airspy, RTL-SDR and SDRPlay) with the correct drivers but personally I recommend the Airspy R2 receiver because well lets put it this way it is a fantastic bit of kit which combined with the above is another purchase that you will NOT regret.

You can use DSD+ with Airspys SDRSharp (another piece of awesome software) but you will need to use a Virtual Audio cable which can get a little bit messy and produce bad decoding of digital streams but I highly recommend using FMPA (via TCP linking FMPA to DSD+) which has been designed specifically for use with Airspy.


The FMPA Control Panel.


The FMP24 Control Panel.


The FMPP Control Panel.


The FMP Control Panel.


Where can I get this awesome GUI?

Below are several download links to the old Legacy and latest versions of DSDPlusUI, Currently they are contained inside a .7z Archive (no messy installers).

DSDPlusUI 2.0.9 BETA

Direct HTTP

Direct FTP

DSDPlusUI Legacy

Direct HTTP

Direct FTP


How to use this awesome GUI?

Below are the instructions for getting the GUI up and running, Just follow them step by step and it will be good to go in no time.

DSDPlusUI is simple to use.

Just extract the entire .7z Archive to the root folder of DSD+ (The location of all the DSD+ files and programs) and then simply run the DSDPlusUI.exe.

DSDPlusUI will now open and you will be presented with a UI screen with many DSD+ control buttons, In the top section you can select which version of DSD+ (Public Release or Fastlane Release) and FMPx (FMPA, FMP24, FMPP or FMP) you wish to control.

To the right you will see a Loader button and this is where you will be presented with a list of .bat files contained within in the DSD+ folder.

Simply select the required .bat file and then click on Launch Bat button or if you know what you are doing with switches you can use the Direct Launch buttons to supply your own command line switches for both DSD+ and FMP.

Once you have launched DSD+ and or FMPx you can then begin to use the various control buttons.

Top-Tip With DSDPlusUI you can actually control multiple DSD+ and FMPx windows, Just simply select the window you wish to control by clicking your mouse on it to bring the window forward! From then on (until you select another DSD+ or FMPx window) DSDPlusUI will continue to control that window.


Latest Update

• Implemented a Frontend thingy. (There may be unforeseen bugs that need squashing)

• Moved some FMPx/DSD+ buttons into the Frontend thingy. (DSD NF/SF, FMP Step/NF/BW and Scan)

• Moved the Frequency entry and associated buttons into the Frontend thingy. (Step Freq/Step Freq 250, Tune and Clear)

• Allow Enter key after inputting Frequency.

• Allow for more digits in the Frequency. (Although FMP squares them off depending on set Step Size)

• Lots of backend stuff. (Crazy insane amounts because of the Frontend thingy)

Past Update

• Implemented Direct Frequency Entry. (FMPA/FMP24/FMPP and FMP)

• UI Change. (Added Frequency Control panels and shifted the relevant buttons into them)

Past Update

• Implemented Double Click Loading Bats.

• Implemented Auto Save/Load Window Locations. (Saved to registry key - HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\DSDPlusUI)

• Removed the False Positive.

Past Update

• Added Config Setting (Start DSDPlusUI with Public Mode - StartExpandedPublic)

• UI Change (Moved and Resized FMPx Step Frequency buttons)

• New FMP Buttons (Step Frequency up/down by 250 Hz)

Past Update

• New DSD+ Panel to support the Public release. (DSD+ Fastlane Panel and DSD+ Public Panel Check boxes)

• UI Change. (Shifted the Bat Loader to its own pop-up window)

• New Button. (Quit All)

• New Menu Items. (Help -> Always On Top, Scan List -> FMP, Help -> Check Updates)

• Backend Code Optimization. (Very boring...)